Which status should I rely on "The Dashboard" or the "Storj Earnings.py"?

This is the screenshot of my dashboard and the program called storj earnings.py.
My dashboard is showing that my audit check shows that only 98.2% are successful on the satellite called saltlake and the storj earnings.py is showing that my audits score is 1000. What is the difference between these two. Did my data got corrupted or something. Or, Am I worrying about nothing?

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C:\Users\dhiwa\Downloads\storj_earnings-master\storj_earnings-master>python earnings.py "D:\Storj Data"
April 2020 (Version: 8.2.0)                                             [snapshot: 2020-04-17 09:19:08Z]e[0m
                        TYPE            PRICE                   DISK       BANDWIDTH            PAYOUT
Upload                  Ingress         -not paid-                           1.43 TB
Upload Repair           Ingress         -not paid-                           2.68 GB
Download                Egress          20   USD / TB                        7.07 GB          0.14 USD
Download Repair         Egress          10   USD / TB                      224.49 MB          0.00 USD
Download Audit          Egress          10   USD / TB                       62.46 KB          0.00 USD
Disk Current            Storage         -not paid-         980.10 GB
Disk Average Month      Storage         1.50 USD / TBm     113.76 GBm                         0.17 USD
Disk Usage              Storage         -not paid-          81.91 TBh
Total                                                      113.76 GBm        1.44 TB          0.31 USD
Estimated total by end of month                            208.25 GBm        2.64 TB          0.58 USD
Payout and held amount by satellite:e[0m
SATELLITE       FIRST CONTACT   TYPE     MONTH 1-3       MONTH 4-6       MONTH 7-9       MONTH 10+
us-central-1    2020-03-10      Paid     0.0005 USD      0.0011 USD      0.0016 USD      0.0022 USD
Vetting:34% (Audit score:1000)  Held     0.0016 USD      0.0011 USD      0.0005 USD      0.0000 USD

europe-west-1   2020-03-10      Paid     0.0016 USD      0.0032 USD      0.0048 USD      0.0064 USD
Vetting:33% (Audit score:1000)  Held     0.0048 USD      0.0032 USD      0.0016 USD      0.0000 USD

asia-east-1     2020-03-10      Paid     0.0006 USD      0.0012 USD      0.0017 USD      0.0023 USD
Vetting:40% (Audit score:1000)  Held     0.0017 USD      0.0012 USD      0.0006 USD      0.0000 USD

saltlake        2020-03-10      Paid     0.0712 USD      0.1424 USD      0.2136 USD      0.2848 USD
Status:OK (Audit score:1000)    Held     0.2136 USD      0.1424 USD      0.0712 USD      0.0000 USD

stefan-benten   2020-03-10      Paid     0.0046 USD      0.0093 USD      0.0139 USD      0.0185 USD
Vetting:16% (Audit score:1000)  Held     0.0139 USD      0.0093 USD      0.0046 USD      0.0000 USD


Screenshot of the Dashboard

@BrightSilence I have similar figures to mason36 on one of my nodes
99.8% in dashboard, 1000 in earnings.py

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That’s a great question. These numbers are displaying 2 different things. I personally feel that the web dashboard number isn’t really useful, especially on older nodes. But let me break it down.

The web dashboard simply shows the lifetime percentage of successful audits. On relatively young nodes, that does still give some indication that something may be wrong. But if my node is a decade old. I will be disqualified before that audit % even drops below 99%.

The reason for this is that the disqualification system uses an audit score that represent the nodes recent performance on audits. There is a lot of information on this system here: https://github.com/storj/storj/blob/a6f0be2047a9f8c77b86f1b6ffdadb8c6375a6df/docs/blueprints/node-selection.md
The formula used results in a value between 0 and 1 that displays your audit reputation score. If that value drops below 0.6, you will be disqualified. For the earnings calculator I simply chose to multiply that value by 1000 to make it more human readable in the limited space. More detailed reasoning can be found here: Earnings calculator (Update 2020-04-10: v8.2.0 - Price and month estimate)

tl;dr: The dashboard shows lifetime success percentages. The Earnings Calculator shows a score based on recent performance that is actually being used for disqualification.

On a new node I would still take a look at what happened to get audit failures to begin with. They should basically never happen. But if the earnings calculator shows 1000, you’re in good standing currently at least.


I’m wondering why StorjLabs would keep displaying lifetime figures on SNOs’ dashboards.
It really does not help :confused: