Which wallet goes held and escrow from Stefan´s satellite?

Thank you @BrightSilence for your input.
I definitely would use the same eth address, and adding that it would be much easier for me to…if we add a “report” of payment per nodeID for instance.
Which is not the case unfortunately!
I’d bear the transactions costs if that means using one eth address per node!
It’s the only accurate way to see how much one node is performing.

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They did mention during the last town hall that more reporting features for SNOs would be added to the dashboard. This has just been lower priority in the run up to production. Which makes sense. Hopefully you’ll get better reporting to help with your use case soon enough. I don’t think anyone is coming after you for not following the ToS to the letter until then. But keep in mind that it’s unlikely Storj would confirm that as it would put them in a bad legal situation if they openly admit it’s ok to not follow parts of the ToS.

I think you’ll be fine as you’re clearly not trying to cheat the system and have good arguments for your setup. In the mean time you can use one of several tools to monitor your nodes individually. Like my earnings calculator or @Vadim’s tool to monitor several nodes from windows. In the end I hope both of these will be obsolete and storj will offer better ways to monitor natively.


Definitely not want to cheat the system! Rather the opposite, I keep promoting it, investing in it (hard) and betting on bring more people to it…
On a managing perspective, it´d be awesome to have those payment details per nodeID as it would be much more accurate to distribute earnings on my business model.
Thank you anyway for your input, I´ll just keep going and wait something changes with it :wink:
Meanwhile…2 more nodes online after tomorrow:

  • 1 Synology 412+ with 12TB on a 200/100 connection
  • 1 HP MicroServer N54L with 4TB (to start) in a 100/100 fiber gateway with 0ms latency

I’d like to add that both of these tools have proven very useful for me and I highly recommend checking them out! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You can check the :heart: icon that shows Storj staff @heunland agreeing to my comment.


Please don’t take drastic measures like this. When in doubt ask here or file a support ticket. We all learn through mistakes. Even Storj is learning and evolving from mistakes in V2. As suggested by @BrightSilence you can change your payout addresses to be compliant.

I wish you all the very best with your new nodes :sparkling_heart:


Thank you @nerdatwork for your insights.
I will definitely do that, as soon as Storj makes available some form of reporting payments per node.
Until then, the most fair payment method to my family members and friends that share my enthusiasm in this project, is the model I´m using, where everyone is happy.
If by any means, Storj thinks I´m non compliant and decides to take other measures, I´ll deal with it :frowning:
Meanwhile, I stand my case, until further accurate reporting on earnings per node, I see no other way!


Again…contribute positively as you´re the ONLY one here…insulting!
Read: https://forum.storj.io/guidelines
And anyway, discussion is over!

“Just treat the nodes at your family like their nodes.” - Keep your opinions to yourself, I sure didn´t ask for it!

That was actually quite the smart advice, no need to be rude.

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How is “Just treat the nodes at your family like their nodes” not a positive contribution? Or do you mean with “positive” only contributions which agree with you? I should have rather written 5 than 12…

You didn’t give the information at the beginning, that your family members earn money from the storagenodes. Should we guess this?

I didn´t?!

“PS: Money doesn´t END in my pocket. The purpose of having family members involved in this is to break costs in half: electricity and investment. They provide the location and Internet, I provide the equipment and manage it and we share 50/50.”

I wasn´t being rude at all :slight_smile:
The preposition of @donald.m.motsinger is wrong since the beginning! The whole purpose of this post is exactly that:
To share earnings fairly accordingly with each node I manage per location, so I can´t treat all as one!

@naxbc why don’t you just create a separate wallet for those node that you manage that way your wallets are not related.

You wrote that AFTER my first 2 replies.

Because apparently is against ToS.

@naxbc I meant wallets with separate blockchains and keystore not online wallets

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First off: you don’t HAVE to, there currently is a python script that lets you see payouts per node, not per payout adress.

Also, if these nodes aren’t your nodes, but your family’s, then you aren’t breaking ToS.


Nevermind, my mistake then :+1:
The issue is settled anyway…and no, I´m not 12 :wink:

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What? How would you create an ethereum wallet that uses a different blockchain?

I don’t think there is a difference from the satellite’s end. They’re all just public keys and private keys, the only difference between “online”, “offline”, “exchange” wallets is who stores the private key and where.


Such scripts is just rough estimates of sums which SHOULD be payed. Not a tool to get info about how much was actually paid.
For example it does not properly account for withheld amounts to escrow.
Or “surge” payout (bonuses with increased payment for SNOs which can change each month)
Or differences in payments period like last 7 days shift of payment from Jan to Feb (payment for last ~7 days of Jan excluded from Jan payments and will be added to Feb payments).
Or any other reasons when local node stats are differ from actual payment maid. Eg local node DB failure/corruption. AFAIK only orders.db is critical for normal node work, all other may be damaged/incorrect and will affect only local node statistics visible to SNO.

Also such scripts with getting snapshots from live db and running Python scripts over it is OK for “advanced” users only (currently majority of SNOs) . After mass adoption where will be a lot of SNOs which can use simple GUI tools only.

If there will be online service to see all actual payouts to each node separately (query by node ID for example, or by ETH address - to see split payment for all nodes associated with this payment address) like it already was maid long ago for V2 network then single payment address for all nodes is acceptable.

Otherwise there there will be a lot of SNOs violating this point of ToS and keep using few different addresses to have a simple way to track actual earnings. Not always one per each single node, some will use one per physical location for example.