Who I am ... "What's in a name?"

Perhaps I have a strange handle … “Beast”…

I have a mildly Autistic daughter who enjoys Anime. She was watching the “Boy and the Beast” when I signed up for the forum.

So, my forum handle is a constant reference to my special needs child… who asks about “Storj-ay” each day… and knows all about “web 3” and “Ethereum” and “End User License Agreements”.

Beast is a reference to this character

Just in case anyone was wondering.


You are 1 hella knowledgeable and helpful beast which is contrary to the usual meaning of that word. The way you handle criticism and are accepting to valid responses is 1 of your qualities which I like :slight_smile:

You are a good father and she’s lucky to have you :heart_decoration:


And I thought your purple avatar was a giveaway.

I imagine she will be deeply into DApps and the fulfillment of the network as a computer.
She will learn by watching how you live and give her enough of your time, it goes by so fast.


Thanks one and all for the positive feedback!

Looking forward to the Docker roll out of V1.6.3