Why is my node taking so much time on vetting period?

Dear Storj,
I don’t know why there is so much difference on the satellite of saltlake and other satellites vetting percentage. Here is a screenshot of it.

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C:\Users\dhiwa\Downloads\storj_earnings-master\storj_earnings-master>python earnings.py "D:\Storj Data"
March 2020 (Version: 8.1.3)                     [snapshot: 2020-03-27 03:41:58Z]e[0m
                        TYPE            DISK       BANDWIDTH            PAYOUT
Upload                  Ingress                    274.71 GB        -not paid-
Upload Repair           Ingress                      2.12 GB        -not paid-
Download                Egress                      10.78 GB          0.22 USD
Download Repair         Egress                       0.00  B          0.00 USD
Download Audit          Egress                      35.07 KB          0.00 USD
Disk Current            Storage    105.07 GB                        -not paid-
Disk Average Month      Storage      8.04 GBm                         0.01 USD
Disk Usage              Storage      5.98 TBh                       -not paid-
Total                                8.04 GBm      287.62 GB          0.23 USD
Payout and held amount by satellite:e[0m
SATELLITE       FIRST CONTACT   TYPE     MONTH 1-3       MONTH 4-6       MONTH 7-9       MONTH 10+
us-central-1    2020-03-10      Paid     0.0002 USD      0.0004 USD      0.0006 USD      0.0007 USD
Vetting:10% (Audit score:1000)  Held     0.0006 USD      0.0004 USD      0.0002 USD      0.0000 USD

europe-west-1   2020-03-10      Paid     0.0005 USD      0.0009 USD      0.0014 USD      0.0019 USD
Vetting:10% (Audit score:1000)  Held     0.0014 USD      0.0009 USD      0.0005 USD      0.0000 USD

asia-east-1     2020-03-10      Paid     0.0002 USD      0.0004 USD      0.0006 USD      0.0008 USD
Vetting:9% (Audit score:1000)   Held     0.0006 USD      0.0004 USD      0.0002 USD      0.0000 USD

saltlake        2020-03-10      Paid     0.0558 USD      0.1116 USD      0.1674 USD      0.2232 USD
Vetting:96% (Audit score:1000)  Held     0.1674 USD      0.1116 USD      0.0558 USD      0.0000 USD

stefan-benten   2020-03-10      Paid     0.0003 USD      0.0006 USD      0.0008 USD      0.0011 USD
Vetting:5% (Audit score:1000)   Held     0.0008 USD      0.0006 USD      0.0003 USD      0.0000 USD


The vetting period for the satellite saltlake is almost over reaching the level of 96%,where as the other satellites has just reached the level of 9 to 10%.

Please advise, why there is so much difference between them?

The saltlake satellite is the testing satellite. It probably has a different algorithm so testing can be done faster.
Vetting on the other satellites takes approx. 1 month.

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I have never come across any such information. Can you please elaborate on what basis are you making this claim?

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A simple explanation could be that the saltlake satellite produces a lot more traffic than the other satellites. Therefore it also produces more audits and vetting is faster.

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It’s fairly simple. The Saltlake satellite is much newer than the others. Which means it doesn’t have nearly as much data stored on existing nodes. Therefor the data you have received on your node represents a much bigger piece of the pie compared to other satellites. And because satellites audit a random piece every time, the larger your piece of the pie, the more audits you get.

This is exactly what is expected. You’re getting the benefit of one satellite being new, the others represent more how long it would normally take.

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