Why my new node have been disqualified & always offline?


my storj install note and errors:

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Did you forward your port correctly ? Can you also confirm if you have 6 files inside the identity folder ? Why did you use for your dashboard ?

The first image shows your node has been disqualified, so there is very little you can do now other than delete all data and start again with a new node and identity.

As the node shows ‘Offline’ I would expect @nerdatwork is correct that you should check the port forwarding if you do start another node.

is my node deploy in asia china,You have restricted use in China.

You have to start again since node disqualification is permanent. Check why your node failed audits.

Can you explain a little more on what you want to ask here ?

We do not restrict anything. But your ISP could.
Please, compare the WAN IP on your router with IP on Open Port Check Tool - Test Port Forwarding on Your Router , they should match, otherwise port forwarding will not work.

The node can be disqualified for failed audits or offline more than a month.
Your node can fail audit for three main reasons:

  • data is lost or inaccessible (include permissions issues);
  • your node did respond on audit request but cannot provide a piece after three attempts by 5 minutes each;
  • pieces are corrupted.

Too many failed audits in row and node become disqualified.