Why my node has gone offline twice in the last 24 hours

Could this explain why my node has gone offline twice in the last 24 hours forcing me to restart docker and my node? If node is not receiving or sending data it shows as offline? there has not been change to my configuration just the update.

The Offline is a different story. Offline mean that your node is Offline :sunglasses:

We should figure out a reason. If you are on Windows - then you should update your Docker desktop to the latest version, seems they fixed a bug with a network, when your port is showing as open, but the traffic do not flow. Or you can migrate to the Windows service instead.

What is your OS?
Is your local IP static?
Is your public IP static?
Are you use the DDNS with port as your ADDRESS?
Have you a firewall/antivirus on your PC/router?

I am having the same issue - twice in the last 24 hrs. A reboot solved it the first time and assume a eboot will resolve again but i have other nodes running and dont want to be doing this all the time. :frowning:

If you uses docker desktop for Windows, it’s known issue of this version of the docker. By the way, you can restart only docker instead. Click on docker icon in the system tray with the right mouse button and select “Restart”.

many thanks for this, unfortunately I a not using the Docker so I will just see what happens today - all good so far - approx 15hrs.