Why not make payments to operators through the HECO chain?

Why not make payments to operators through the HECO chain?
I think this is the ideal option.
Stop feeding Vitalik !


because its not easy for an established ecosystem simply to jump around between chains… also we are inching closer and closer to eth2.0 and then it will be a non issue.

thinking that just switching blockchains is easy when they most likely have code specifically created for the Ethereum codebase, which would most likely not be easy to export, thus the entire existing setup would have to be redone.

Ethereum is the top tier blockchain and thus one of the most establish and most recognizable, businesses can’t just use obscure blockchains, even if they work great or have tons of potential.
the decision to use Eth was made long ago and until or if eth 2.0 fails there will not be any thought to move to other chains.

i don’t disagree with the stop feeding Vitalik sentiment, but i don’t think moving is a remotely viable option before after 2.0, if it goes bad…
else this should all be a non issue.

also just think about how long it takes for storj to move their assets to a new chain…
they have what 8 rolling lock asset pools which is like 3 to 6 months apart… i forget.
thats like 2 to 4 years just until they can actually move the last of their assets out of the Eth contracts.

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That is, the usdt lives in a lot of chains simply from the fact that … is mad with fat? What prevents the storj from being in several chains as usdt ?
Can you tell us how much money is spent on paying commissions when paying to operators?
Heco fees will be less than one cent per transaction.
I suggested just making a payment option in the heco chain, it’s not a ship to launch into space .

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Alexey! Really ? There are already more transactions on the heco network than on the eth. Not to mention the bsc - there are orders of magnitude more transactions than on the eth, heko is already quite popular. So what kind of blockchain popularity are you talking about?

Sorry but nobody is going to discuss another blockchain with you. We’ve already had discussions about lots of solutions. We’re not going to start the discussion again every time a new “solution” comes up.


my vote is still for cardano… :slight_smile:

The discussion is useless switch a chain is a big effort. However Tezos already provided the solution already proved. And after Granada update Tezos beat Ethereum and all other useless chains. And Cardano is only promising without solutions.

At least there is clear consensus on what the alternative should be… that always helps


exactly the point i was hoping on making :smiley:
besides cardano isn’t really ready for a full migration i don’t think…
so it’s not really a viable option at the moment… heh

You did not get a joke…

Yes, let’s all suggest our favorite chain and the team will migrate to it just tomorrow. So, on behalf of myself, I propose Algorand.

This discussion has been going on and on. :grinning:


I purpose ETH 2.0 true winner here.

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Yes ETH 2.0 is the Future in 2065 if ever shipped :joy::joy::joy:


Can’t you just pay everyone in their preferred Crypto individually? :hugs:

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Why not Pay with PayPal. Instant transaction. Independent from local currency :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I’m still waiting for that live goats option… And that was mentioned in several white papers, so I think they should focus on promises already made.