Will my files deleted automatically or it stays forever?


I am new to this and I am looking for some answers before I start using paid version.

Will files get deleted after certain days? I read a post in reddit (years old) where someone said files gets deleted after 90 days…is that true? can anyone using service for longer period confirm it?

I am planning to make a video streaming website based on storj hence asking this question.

Welcome to the forum @Filmrary!

I’m not aware of any auto-deletion as long as one pays the bill :thinking:

I read something about Auto deletion for early stage test satellites, but I think now as a customer your data stays in the network until you remove it or stop paying for it.

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This is referring to the old v2 network. Storj has been redesigned from the ground up since then. The v3 network is nothing like the old v2 one, so you can ignore years old comments as they’re no longer relevant. The 90 day period doesn’t apply to v3. Files stay as long as you want. There is an option to set an automatic expiration date though, but you would have to specify that yourself. By default, files remain until you delete them.


Thanks all for your prompt response. My doubts are clear now.

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