Windows - Multiple Nodes on Single Machine

You can create your identity again just to be safe as it needs to have difficulty of at least 36. You can follow the steps in documentation for the same.

thanks for answering…

The problem is that I can’t open another port on my router for a reason I don’t know…I opened 28967 but when I try opening 28968 it stay closed, I don’t know if its my ISP or my router… I don’t understand. if I can figure this out ill be good to go. My current node is getting full pretty fast

Try to use a different port

Dont forget to open also on windows firewall.

I did everything, tried many ports but they just wont open and when they do, the current one from my node (28967) closes… anyway I cant figure this out for the life of me so my question is this : what will happen now that my node is full? will I stop making any storJ? it is around 8To so really maybe 7.5 now that its full. Thanks

You’re paid for storage and egress. Both of which will still happen. Though there have been some signals that downloads happen more on recently uploaded data, so you may see a decline in download traffic, but overall you should still get paid.

“Opening ports” on a router is kind of a misnomer. You forward one external port to an internal port on one of your PC’s. You can only forward each external port once. That’s what you seem to do wrong.

What you should do is

  • forward external port 28967 to port 28967 on PC1

  • forward external port 28968 to port 28967 on PC2

  • on PC2 set the external port to 28968 and leave the internal port set at 28967


When I was setting up my 2nd node, my router was giving me problems until I re-booted it. Give that a try, sounds like you know how to open a port.

that worked !! thanks !!

I tried recreating my identity in case I needed to, but it says it already exists so do I have to create it again using another email address or is there a way to recreate your already existing identity with a higher difficulty?

Easier way is to backup the identity which documentation already shows.

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I have 4 HDD 8TB. My first node is becoming full. Please tell me how to add more node using docker on windows 10. If use docker I need run 3 docker image?

In Linux you just use the same docker command, but change the --name parameter to something else unique like storagenode2. I would think it works the same in Windows.

One container for the one node, the watchtower will be common, just add the name of the second storagenode to the watchtower command, like this:

The second container should use a different external port, 28968 for example:

“I have win GUI, 5 Nodes on 1 windows PC, work fine.”
How did you do that sir?

Search here, my Toolbox, it will help you install additional nodes.

Hi to all,

May i ask If I can run 2-3 nodes on the same computer? I using Windows 10-64bit PC. And as of now it has single node with 4tb setup in GUI version. Im planning that once if full I will add another node on the same PC if possible may a 12tb node setup. Thanks and more power to this community

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thanks for this sir.Really great help.

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