Windows node hosting dashboard error

Windows node hosting dashboard error

Welcome to the forum @Cryptomike!

Can you show the error ? Also last 20 lines of your log

You can try Ctrl + F5 to fix the styling issue with the web dashboard.

What does this command show ?

docker exec -it storagenode /app/

Ty so much buddy it worked back to normal!..

I had a Q= everytime a new vers: comes out do I have to redownload the storm GUI ?

Also it says I used 48.22TB that’s not true I used like 500gb ?

I’m using the windows GUI installation not the CLI

Check your storagenode updater log if your node is on latest version or new version is yet to be rolled out to it.

It says you used 48,22TB*h

How much is that then ?

That is 500GB * 96.44h

If you want to know to how much payout that translates, you can use this handy script: