Windows Storj Desktop Application - on Windows 10 - IOT

Hi dear community,

I would like to setup a node for storj. I would like to do that on a Windows IoT machine. Anyone has done that already? Some experience with it?

Anybody may koow why it maybe coudn’t work or if it could?

thank you so much,

Hi @PeterEloy, what platform/hardware/architecture and version of Windows 10 IoT are you thinking of using?

Hi @Stob thanks for asking, I would like to isntal this Win10 IOT -

( more info here:

and run it on a rasberry Pi 3 Modell B+ with some Toshiba SSD or some HD SSD.

Anyone got experience, or just could orientad on theory. Thanks a lot,

Hi @PeterEloy

This was asked some time ago, you might find this useful - Sticking to Raspbian on Rpi 3+ is going to be more supported, you could be making problems for yourself trying to make Win 10 IOT - Storagenode as I finding out the hard way likes things to be stable and consistent, trying new stuff is good but comes with risk of node breaking.

Link below to discussion, and some useful links on how to setup RPI 3 as a node - I’m sure lots of community will help if you stuck.

Windows IoT core


Thank you, I was checking the instructions and I only found two ways to set the node up, the first one with a windows pc and the second one with a NAS device.

I would go with whatever consumes less (effort, electricity, mental health). I got a RasberryP and could try the WindowsIoT… but to be honest, all my raspberry or banana projects, failed until today. Thats why I am little bit conserned to jump into the Raspberry StorJ node…

We do not have a binary for the Windows arm, but you can try to build it.
I would recommend to install a raspbian lite on it instead and follow this guide:


If you care about that, don’t try running a node on Windows IoT