Windows Storj Desktop Application - on Windows 10 - IOT

Hi dear community,

I would like to setup a node for storj. I would like to do that on a Windows IoT machine. Anyone has done that already? Some experience with it?

Anybody may koow why it maybe coudn’t work or if it could?

thank you so much,

Hi @PeterEloy, what platform/hardware/architecture and version of Windows 10 IoT are you thinking of using?

Hi @Stob thanks for asking, I would like to isntal this Win10 IOT -

( more info here:

and run it on a rasberry Pi 3 Modell B+ with some Toshiba SSD or some HD SSD.

Anyone got experience, or just could orientad on theory. Thanks a lot,

Thank you, I was checking the instructions and I only found two ways to set the node up, the first one with a windows pc and the second one with a NAS device.

I would go with whatever consumes less (effort, electricity, mental health). I got a RasberryP and could try the WindowsIoT… but to be honest, all my raspberry or banana projects, failed until today. Thats why I am little bit conserned to jump into the Raspberry StorJ node…

We do not have a binary for the Windows arm, but you can try to build it.
I would recommend to install a raspbian lite on it instead and follow this guide:


If you care about that, don’t try running a node on Windows IoT