(Windows) STORJ Node Status: Offline

I’ve been running a v3 node for about a month and a half. I rebooted my firewall earlier today and now my node status is offline. I got a new public IP on my firewall, but my dynamic DNS (Cloudflare) updated and is correct. Is my IP cached by the STORJ network somehow? I’ve tried bouncing the Storj v3 Storage Node service but the node stats dashboard thinks I’m still offline. Port shows open when I check it from here:


What should I do?

In the config.yaml file I changed:

# the public address of the node, useful for nodes behind NAT

to my public IP instead of dynamic DNS hostname, then bounced the STORJ service and it came online. Cleared local DNS cache (ipconfig /flush DNS) changed config.yaml back to dynamic DNS name and it seems to be working now.


How have you done so that the port is open?

Hello @Wargel,
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Please, check every step from this checklist: