Windows Storj node update

Hi, if I installed Storj in the Windows environment with the .exe do I have to perform an update or does the SW auto update? the instructions are not clear.


Hello Jiggabit, welcome to Storj. Assuming it’s the GUI version, an autoupdate is installed by default and will update your node automatically. Note that updates are staggered so that it may take some time before you receive an update when it has just been released.


I recently installed the storj node. everything its working. I received an email that there is a new version. Links on the imail shows on how to activate automatic updates or manual mode for DOCKER, but I just installed an MSI, there is no docker installed on my windows machine. the storj folder just has two exes
storagenode.exe and storagenode-updater.exe

anyone can point me to the right documentation on how to update? it says that I have 72 hours to update or I got bad reputation.

Could be great help on next emails that includes that link to a how to update on non docker instalations.


PD: Can I change port during this update? I installed on default port and I’m thinking that could be more secure if I do not use standar income port (an provably less likely that the ISP block/limit the traffic too).

I saw that the GUI version ha installed a service for auto update. I checked and now I’m on the latest version, so, actually I do not have to do anything