Wrong "Disk Space Remaining"

  1. Dashboard
  2. Folder physical size - 1577405M (1.57TB)
  3. Config size: 2.0 TB
  4. Disk usage yesterday - 37.33TBh or 1.55Tbday
    Why does the node think that she has run out of space?

Why are you over allocating disk space ? Your HDD is 1.57TB then node should be close to 1.4TB

My HDD is 6TB, current storj node physical size is 1.57TB

trash folder?

What does df -h and du -hd 1 /path/to/storagenode/storage say?

df -BG say that 600GiB+ is free
du -d 1 -BM storagenode folder (identy+blobs+trash+db+logs+…) show 1577405M

Nice and fast support :rofl: (No)

Your not gonna get support if you don’t show what you were asked to show.

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What didn’t I show? All necessary and requested information is already provided: total used space, drive size, free space, space usage calculated by dashboard…

I don’t see the output of the command I just see you type exactly what you said in your first post. If you have a 6TB hard drive wouldnt it show at least 4TB free not 600Gigs?

didn’t correctly answer this one

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Because I also have other data on the disk.
df -BG = df -h and was 631GB free, now

Filesystem 1G-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/sdb5 4961G 4464G 397G 92% /home/sdb5

Now it is less because I had to specify 2.6 TB in the config in order for the node to see the free space
And du -hd 1 /path/to/storagenode/storage = du -d 1 -BM = 1577405M or 1.57TB
@littleskunk, what do you think about tonns of bugs in “PRODUCTION READY” tardigrade software? :smiley:
@Alexey Ваше мнение о такой лаже примерно во всех аспектах тоже интересно услышать :slight_smile:

Well it makes a little more sense then, run docker restart storagenode So it can correctly collect the space again. When it can’t load the databases fast enough it doesnt read the space correctly. Cause the database gets locked.

All my nodes de-dockerized.

So then your running it with your own source code creating your own issues?

I have exactly the same version as in Docker without recompile.

So then the same issues can be there if it can’t load the database fast enough cause your hard drive is slow. You can still restart the storagenode service to see if it help it.

Excluded. Atop does not report a high disk load. Other nodes on the same disk model HGST Ultrastar 7K6000 HUS726060ALE610 have no problems.

When you start up your node does it ever say database locked?

Nope. Just normal start without errors.

Lol serious problem here