"You can get € 400 (440 $ usd) a month, using a 2tb hard drive, giving storj a space of 1tb" - is it real?

He seems to delete/hide messages. I also left a comment and it showed in a different browser where I was not logged in. Now this comment is gone/hidden too.

I guess his intention is to sell the hardware in the description through affiliate links.

Edit: Maybe this thread will show in Google if someone searches for “HardwarEsfera” :wink:


It looks like it has been taken offline now.


It certainly looks like it. That’s good !
Now hopefully a bit less people will spam the forum and be upset about not making 200USD per month with storj haha
I’ll just go ahead and flag the video on youtube, I don’t really like people who trick people into buying stuff with their affiliate links.

Can’t see any of your recent comments under the video so it looks like he does in fact delete them…

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Hello good mornig for everyone. I am Spanish and I am using a translator. I will try to use a language that the translator can translate without problems so that you understand me.

I’m going to try to explain a couple of inconsistencies in that image, specifically, and that person in general.
-He said that the image was from the month of April, but it is clearly tricked. Gains do not correspond to a 1TB node, nor do total TBHs and TBs correspond to a 1TB node.
I believe that as it says in the video, the earnings are from April, but the total TBH and TB correspond to a date close to the edition of the video, which is May 7. There’s also the big hint of that 100% full bar, but those 999 GB available, which would correspond in part to the 10% space used for things I don’t know about. It also emphasizes that these possible income are not definitive, since until the 10th or 15th they would not be effective. Therefore, the image would be consistent if you put two together, one with the traffic of a few days and not a month, and the other with the profits of a node that later (in another video) said that it has quite a lot more TB (odarriba said 24 TB , but i cant remember, but im sure betwen 15-24), and which has been on since the beginning of storj, and correspond to the month of April. Likewise, he continually explains that he is / was very lucky with the repair traffic, and that normally without that traffic, the profits are $ 250, and not 400+.

-As a person, he is clearly being sponsored by a store that continuously appears in all his videos, descriptions, etc., and has never hidden it. However, it continuously emphasizes that you must use components that you already have or that are second-hand for the node. Continuously, all the time. Because, as you well explain, amortization in Spanish, or return on investment (ROI, I think, I do not usually use English), does not compensate spending a single coin on this.

This image is of a node of mine that has been running exactly three months on a raspberry pi 3 with a storage of 1TB, but that I have configured at 800GB for that reason of 10%


Hello good mornig for everyone. I forget the main thing. This video was for a budget of a beginner node. Every thursday there is a budget on his yt channel. that week was a cheap storj node.
First video May 7, in 3 July he release another storj based video, this time tittled “STORJ NODE Budget Medium”
I am not trying to defend this person or their videos, but seeing that this person is being treated as a liar, I had to answer, and indeed, he may lie, but he also helps his subscribers a lot, many times without spirit of profit. Other times for profit.
In my view, he does this because he likes it, not to live on it, and he does this in his spare time. What’s wrong with getting some money out of something you like?



Expected profits for a full 24TB node (as he said his oldest node is) is about 36$ per space stored and about 48$ per egress traffic (using the very optimistic 10% rule - it will be more real to count on 5%).

Even 250$ is very unlikely to be true. Maybe on that month in which lot of egress was made, it could happen, but saying that this is happening every month is not real. At least for experienced SNOs like the people that commented on this thread (and I’m not including myself on that group).

Maybe he is doing his best, but the medium node build is just a very expensive equipment that does not match what a “medium node” should be. Maybe because he hasn’t checked forum recommendations enough, or maybe because he has to adjust his builds to Coolmod pieces… who knows.

Of course that everyone has to look for their own money and inversions, but saying that you will get the money spent on a 1000€ node on a year is a lie, and it’s probably not the kind of public image any project like Storj wants.

Also, I want to clarify that I’m not judging his whole work on Youtube, just those Storj videos. They are not accurate, have fake photos to justify an unreal possibility and state some things that are not true - check previous answers to this thread.

I think it is just a matter of expectations: give the real estimation, your real experience on your nodes and let the community decide if the real ROI is good enough for they to invest - if they have and want to do it.

Having an insane estimator online (it’s not anymore) didn’t help with the real expectations also…


Nothing at all. But what is wrong is knowingly misinforming people and lying. For one thing, the build he described in this video will get everything out of Storj that you need and should be considered a high budget build, with RPi or similar as the low budget option. So whatever medium budget or other builds he may be suggesting is clearly a waste of money and just shows his lack of understanding of Storj. He’s not helping people, he’s making them spend money they will never earn back, with false promises. I posted a mild but honest comment on his video that still hasn’t shown up.

As a long term storage node operator on the STORJ network I feel like I should point out that this video is misrepresentating STORJ earnings using a fake storage node dashboard. It was edited with fake values (quite obviously when you notice that the current months earnings have a comma as a decimal point, while all other numbers have a dot. And there are other mistakes) and the earnings are nowhere near actual earnings. I would still encourage interested people take a look at it as STORJ pays fairly, but it’s not a get rich quick scheme. On a 2TB node you can expect about $8 per month. And in general cost of storage space can be earned back in about a year. My node has made $1000+ so far in 16 months. It currently stores 12TB of data. The inaccuracies in this video are discussed in this topic on the STORJ forums. https://forum.storj.io/t/you-can-get-400-440-usd-a-month-using-a-2tb-hard-drive-giving-storj-a-space-of-1tb-is-it-real/8368 I’d love to answer any questions anyone has there. And there is a large community of people happy to help anyone new to STORJ set things up and give actual realistic estimations on earnings etc.

If he was really genuine about helping his viewers, he wouldn’t block that comment. Surprisingly he let this one through.

gaby ananas Link to comment
I have been running a Storj node for 6 months and can assure you that you’ll never earn 400 euros per month. The screenshot he shows as “proof” has been photoshopped (there are a lot of clues if you’re familliar with storj).

So I guess we can upvote that one.

This is already outside of what’s possible. Right now nodes that have been there from the start probably have at max 15TB stored (maybe 16TB if you’re really lucky, but proof me wrong if you have more).

So unlikely, that I’m certain it’s false. Traffic really isn’t all that different between nodes and my node is close to the test traffic. It’s kind of a best case scenario and I’ve always had free space available. I’ve averages a little over 60$ a month and that includes all the (up to 500%) surge payouts which are now over. I have absolutely 0 doubt that this is a lie. There has only been a single month that could have gone over that (depending on what number you look at). Which is January. I made just over 300$ in January, but due to a processing delay a large part of that was paid out in February. Payout for January was just over 190$ and February was just over 125$. Neither of these numbers are representative of normal traffic though. This month for example, I expect to be making a little over 50$ (before held) on 15TB stored. Which is already more than previous months as there was quite a bit of download this month.

Yeah, same here. I haven’t seen anything else. Though using faked dashboards does seriously put his integrity into question. I’d take anything he claims with a grain of salt after this.


Thanks for sharing this, it is really appreciated for new SNOs to see what we should expect (taking in care that each node has its bandwidth usage and it can vary)


That’s me with an old account hahaha
Obviously I’m quite less diplomatic than you, we’ll see if he eventually gets around to deleting my comment.
I edited it to include a link to this topic and gave my 2 cents of advice on the ideal small node.

What I don’t like is that he photoshopped the photo and obviously doesn’t know much about storj since he used the official calculator to do his estimations.

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I don’t know if it was the edit or he removed it, but your comment is no longer visible. (It probably still is to you, but try when you’re logged out)

I think he actually set his comments to review all of them. So he gets to pick what shows up and what doesn’t. (You don’t notice that yourself, because while you’re logged in your comment is always visible even before it’s approved) So it might be that editing the comment put it back into that queue. But I don’t think he’ll like you linking here.


wow he’s very dedicated to sharing false information if he reviews every comment before making them public.
It’s possible that he doesn’t like the link. I’ll see if it shows up again.

EDIT: It might also be youtube that doesn’t like links…

Looks like the videos have been turned down.

If you try accessing them using a link the appear as private now, so I suppose it has been a change made by the HardwarEsfera channel itself.

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Interesting, perhaps he has been reading this thread. I hope he’ll be making a video that better represents the actual earnings, as that would actually be quite valuable.

We all make mistakes and I’d definitely give him a big thumbs up if he corrects this one the right way.

HardwarEsfera: If you are reading this and would like some input from a long time node operator, I’d love to answer any questions you have.


I second you on that, there aren’t that many videos about Storj on youtube and even less in Spanish. And showing the real earnings means the new SNOs won’t be pissed off once they join the network and realize that the real earnings are much lower than what they have been told.
At least the earnings calculator has been taken offline, that’ll avoid quite a few misunderstandings.

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that is a very nice an simple way to explain it…

Hoy es Domingo y se supone que hará un directo. Veremos a ver como se explica. Si es cierto que ha mentido me llevaré una gran decepción. Independientemente de que recomiende una y mil veces el emplear material antiguo para el nodo storj, no invertir dinero, etc…si ha falseado los datos se puede enfrentar a un grave problema - que realmente así lo creo, de lo contrario no habría retirado los vídeos -, no se puede jugar con las ilusiones de las personas. Muy triste.


Unfortunately there is absolutely no doubt. His video contained lies and a fake dashboard. This will no doubt damage his reputation. We’ll see now how he deals with it. I think he can win some respect back if he addresses it head on, explains how the video was based on wrong assumptions about profit and that he shouldn’t have used edited dashboards. Then point out how comments and people here pointed out the problems with the video. Apologize for misleading and promise to set the record straight. The first reply in this topic points to resources that can give a much better estimate of potential earnings. And I hope he’ll reach out here on the forums to get the best information.

People make mistakes. The thing to do now is own up to it and make it right. Take the hit now so he can eventually earn back trust and move past it.

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Oye galan, hace un par de días aviso por twitter asaltador, que se tomaba todo el mes de agosto y que no haría directos los domingos ni nada. Ademas ha borrado los vídeos referentes a storj, ha borrado los comentarios que se le hacen al respecto, en su pagina y foro no hay información al respecto.

Donde aun puedes mirar algo sobre storj en su canal, es en la pestaña de comunidad de su canal, ahí tiene varias entradas hablando sobre storj, aun no ha borrado nada de ahí.

va a ser que no, en la pestaña de comunidad no hay mas que un post sobre un directo (vale, minuatura de storj)…

jajaja ya también borro las entradas de la comunidad!
yo justo había posteado un reclamo ahí mismo hace días