Zero bytes of ingress in all my nodes

Already fixed it, this is most like a notice for other SNOs!

Just noticed today that both my two nodes were having 0 bytes of ingress since yesterday.

As far as I could see:

  • No problems on egress.
  • No problems on audits.
  • No errors on logs (aside from regular client tls errors).
  • Online scores at 100%.

The error was that I was a few minor versions before the current release, and it looks like last release stopped my nodes from being eligible for new uploads.

What’s the policy on that? Is there a fixed number of versions allowed to receive uploads?
If not, is there any possibility of adding to release notes that minimum allowed version has changed? I read the release notes, but do not update so often :joy:

(I know I should be using watchtower)

Hi @odarriba , I’ve forwarded your question to the team for an answer on the policy question.

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Hi @odarriba,
The policy should still be:

As the post is old and we’re now running 1.40.4 the lowest version to receive ingress is 1.39.0, is my understanding. Prior versions can still egress data but will not ingress new data.

Yes please. This is recommended.

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Is there any way to submit a “feature request”?

I think it would be nice if Storj node knows satellite versions and, applying that policy, show a warning if current version is not on allowed versions.

I know. I was using it until I migrated the Docker node inside unRAID and read nightmares about watchtower on that system.

Not sure if those problems still exist, I will test it in a few days.

I missed two days before updating. Started getting ingress again. Will definitely put watchtower on my system.

Node will still be selected for receiving data as long as the version they are running is no more than 2 minor versions behind the current one. So if we are now at 1.40.4, version 1.38.x and above will get ingress.


I submitted this feature request at the beginning of the year. If you feel it would help address your issue please vote for it, and feel free to comment on it with thoughts or ideas.

Something to keep in mind, that this version might drastically differ per satellite at some point. Especially when envisioning community/partner driven satellites. It will be non trivial to handle. When should your node update? When should it stay to receive data from not updated satellites? It might currently with just Storj operated satellites be one version, but that unlikely stays the same longer term.