Zksync doesn't show in my Dashboard.Why?

After I did all the instructions for Zksync i can’t see indication in my Dashboard. v1.71.2 Windows. Why? And what to do?

Did you restart the node after changing the settings?

Yes and the PC too after just in case…

Can you post the settings line from your config?


This one?
should the big brackets be there? I just copied the command line from the tutorial

Hello @kkaloto,
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Please update it to

# operator wallet features
operator.wallet-features: "zksync"

Save the config (you need to explicitly select menu File - Save, Notepad++ will not save it on close and will not offer to do so) and restart the storagenode either from the Services applet or from the elevated PowerShell:

Restart-Service storagenode

after that please check your dashboard.

However, both notations should work, I just checked it on my Windows node.

yesss. it’s fine now. Obviously was the brackets.THX

I would guess more like unsaved changes, because I checked it with brackets, and it works too.
You may check it yourself.