zkSync has been down for two days?

Does anyone else experience downtime of the zkSync? Neither their website or wallet are working for me. I’ve checked their twitter, but nothing about any downtime.

Since they don’t mention any downtime have you tried checking if your system isn’t blocking them.

I’ve tested through https://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/ seems down for everyone.

It shows

Which url are you testing ? A screenshot will help

Yepp, up here as well.

Definitely there is something wrong: Screenshot by Lightshot
Site is down and it seems Cloudflare cannot connect to their server.

It could be outage from your geographical region. Try other browsers or VPN

Shows as up for me, also in my browser.

sounds a bit like it could be a dns issue.

Error 522

Ray ID: 63c5a67d302d1c43 • 2021-04-07 19:27:26 UTC

Connection timed out








still no working !
is it save to use that, if is not stable for everyone ?
and how and where to report that issue ?

Hello @panayotovip ,
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It’s working for me

This issue has been resolved a few days ago, however I was not able to access zksync for about a week.

Seems they uses some kind of aggressive protection from some IP addresses. At lest it looks like.
Because it worked for me all that time, but it is not worked for you in the same time.
This is surprise. So, if you would have the same problem again - please, contact their support, maybe they can adjust their firewall to be not so aggressive.