Zksync lite or era

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I never seen so difficult payment system before. I used Polygon and it was so smooth. But I couldnt really understand How I can take out the storj from Zksync Lite. I need to convert to L1 mainnet and pay mainnet fee and send on ethereum network? Do you know the fees for mainnet ?

Can we have payment on Zksync Era as well ? How we can change it to Zksync lite to era on node? Zksync era is easier to swap etc? I coulnd not find any bridge between era and lite for storj.

Hi @Sutz10

This page has information about default and custom bridges

Some people are using Orbiter.
I have not tested this so please DYOR with caution.

This tutorial looks correct in theory but again I have not tested this for safety or accuracy but it might be a good place for you to start research.
Also be careful because they are promoting airdrop, but I’m only showing it for looking at the Orbiter UI

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It really depends on what do you want to do with tokens once you receive them.

Do you have any use for them in L2? If you are thinking to convert — liquidity might be a problem.

Are you planning to move them to L1 anyway? Then just receive on L1 to begin with.

I feel like unless you want to use tokens to pay for storj services — sending them to L2 makes no sense today. And even if you do — holding tokens is also not the greatest idea.

Personally I having gone through L2 conversions, bitrefill, polygon, orbiter finance, gift cards, custodial wallets… it’s all just not worth the hassle. Now i receive tokens on non-custodial wallet on L1, and swap to stablecoin as soon as I receive them. Simple and easy.


Hello @Sutz10,
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zkSync Lite allows you to use STORJ tokens to pay a transfer fee, you also may provide any L1 address when you withdraw tokens, include the deposit address of the exchange. You may also try to convert tokens on L2, but like @arrogantrabbit said, there is a low liquidity. Another downside is an activation fee.
zkSync Era doesn’t require an activation fee, but currently it doesn’t allow to use STORJ tokens to pay fee, so you would need to deposit ETH to your zkSync Era account to withdraw to any L1 address, but it should be improved soon:

Unlike zkSync Lite the zkSync Era has more wide adoption, so you may use tokens within L2 on more services than on Lite, and this network can be added to some wallets directly, simplify things even more.

And finally, the L1 address, you need to have ETH to move tokens, fees are greater, thus an undistributed sum to clear the Minimum Payout Threshold is higher.


Any updates on Storj Account wallets accepting zkSync Lite/Era payments?

It will be announced when would be finished.
You may subscribe to the task on the roadmap:

So i recived this from Argent Wallet. lite development is stopped, and ERA has insufficient Liquidity (yet).
We’re updating you about your zkSync Lite account.

The team behind zkSync Lite have advanced to the next stage of their roadmap, a new network called zkSync Era. As part of this evolution, they’ve stopped developing zkSync Lite.

Consequently, the dapp partners that enable the ‘Invest’ section of our zkSync Lite account have also stopped supporting the network. Soon, the ‘Invest’ section will be unavailable.

To ensure a smooth transition, we strongly recommend moving your assets off zkSync Lite.

As expected. Why to use an old option, if they can use a more progressive.