0.28.2 update causing node to use too much storage

My node was full and not receiving any more data as expected until the most recent update, where it started downloading additional data even though there is no available space. How can I stop this before the disk fills up?

You can use 150gb extra
When the node was installed
Set the disk space value for the node
Did it become a decoration?
I also have node disk full
Over about 5MB
I’m still waiting for version 0.28.2 to automatically delete invalid data
It seems to take five days to wait, according to the official


That seems to be the discovered trash, I have the same situation. But you did not download more pieces or use more space than before. Check your logs if you really think your node downloaded pieces.

I have full SN (linux, docker).
I checked the SN folder “trash”, it had 2.5GB.
On the dashboard: “Disk Space Remaining -44.71MB”.
After doing: “docker stop -t 300 storagenode” and “docker start storagenode” on the dashboard: “Disk Space Remaining 2.51GB” and after several dozen minutes SN began to receive files again until these 2.51GB are exhausted, now on the dashboard is: " Disk Space Remaining 0.51KB "
as if SN restart “forgot” about what it has in the “trash” SN folder.
In my system only SN disk had 32.5GB of free space, now 30.1GB of free space.
So I warn you - for full SNs do not restart SN for now …

But what if the “watchtower” updates and reboots SN …?

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I hope the next watchtower update fix this problem.

I have the same issue, -120GB and my 900Gb was full before.

Bug is now fixed: