1 windows -> 2 Nodes -> 2 hdd

Hello everyone, I have a node almost full and I want to set up the next one, I have searched the entire forum with confusing information.

I have read a tutorial → https://blog.spyfly.es/varios-nodos-de-storj-en-windows-10/
where it says that it is possible, but in the storj documentation it says that it is not…
(The Node Toolbox option is not viable for me as it gives problems.)

Could someone verify for me if the method described in the link could be done and work perfectly.

Thank you very much in advance

The method listed is correct and should work as required.

Storj does not officially support this method as their installer doesn’t allow it, but many people have done similar.


After a lot of research and about 5 hours, I can confirm that it can be done and it works.
although it is not easy.
two running nodes

Thank you