15 weeks without getting paid

Morning, i’ve read the article about the new minimum threshold 2021, but 3 months i’ve wait until i open this.
How long more i have to wait? Just because right now thanks to the coinbase hype, the money i’ve earn they are going to pay me in the actual price or the price in the months before?

Sorry for my english and thanks

lots of posts just like this, I’ll refer you to this one that was just opened up today…

Also, if you’re so eager for payment go checkout the L2 payment methods that are now live…


wow, so has i understand is as easy as create a zksync wallet and change it? also, for confirm, i can swap storj to eth paying the fees with storj in that wallet?

Yes it is just a config change. Please take your time and try it out in testnet first to make sure you have access to your address.

Yes you can pay the L2->L2 and also L2->L1 fee in storj.


you also can use the same address, just connect your wallet to https://wallet.zksync.io/