1GBit Down / 1GBit UP - 23TB-50TB RAID5 24/7 2x XEON CPU with 192 GB RAM

to the employers , i dont see an contact button… how much i can expect with these specs ? i can go with this now online in this project. downtimes only 4 maintaince and reconnect. answer to gandolm@msn.com please. i can make 4 or 5 nodes of such nodes with these specs.


Do you have any bandwidth caps? Do you have a per-GB traffic fee?

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Not sure yet… but CPU is overkill… and memory too.

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Yes, your storage is a bottleneck but the setup is also an overkill overall.


All support requests can be sent to support@storj.io

With that kind of setup (hardware), I would instead create Dockers or VMs.

Probably add a couple SAS/SATA cards to increase storage (if that’s the limiting factor for space). With those resources, you need more “storage nodes” for sure to fully utilize the resources (depending on where you are located). Although you will need more authentication tokens…

Not yet tried to play enough with the new configurations to understand if I can make a NODE… a powerful one…

Try with several 1TB VMs + VPNs.

I think this is not in the sense of storj several nods with different vpns because in a hardware failure all hosted nods are offline


I wouldnt waste my time running a node on a system that was spec like this because your not going to make enough to make it worth it. You need to think smaller or just run a small VM off of this server and use it for other things

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Running several nodes gets you nowhere as you will not get more traffic/storage by doing that.
As mentioned prior, this setup is complete overkill for Storj. You will likely see the same income as a regular home NAS with 8TB on a 100mbit connection. The storagenode software does not require many resources.

If you’re planning on buying these machines for storj, stop right there. Storj is not meant to get an ROI on new hardware purchases, it’s meant to make a little bit of money on hardware with spare disk space.


10TB of egress per month is ok to me. But ok, do not buy new hardware for dedicated servers with good performance.

please use the form at https://support.storj.io/hc/en-us/requests/new instead rather than direct email. This will assure we will actually register the request properly.

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