1TB Egress - Woohoo!

My node has hit a big milestone, 1TB of Egress data this month with 1 more day to go. :partying_face:

1TB Egress - 11.6GB Ingress

Anyone else had a good month, put my little beast to shame. :grin:

My Node:
Currently in Month 7
Raspberry Pi 4 B
2 TB IronWolf (1.7TB available)
500Mbps Down & Up


for 1.7 TB it is realy OK. :+1: but dont forget, Held omount will be minused from this ammount.

you are in month 7 and you did not fill 2 tb hdd ? that seems bad, my 12 tb hdd was full by month 7-8

The second picture says 1TB egress and ingress combined though.

Egress and repair Egress is 1TB

I think it’s pretty safe to assume that their node is full…11.6GB of ingress is stated, also the payout image shows disk average month at 1.68TBm…this would indicate to me that the node is full, and then periodically bits get deleted and a bit more space is free to receive data.

Comparatively, my two non-full nodes have received ~1.1TB of ingress traffic (combined) this month.

Good on your little guy! I think that’s a pretty decent egress milestone for such a little node.

For your reference here are my two nodes (both running on separate RPi 4’s (4GB version) each with USB 3.0 WD Elements 12TB HDDs, and 1Gbit up/down fiber):

Node 1 (started Aug 2019):

Node 2 (started Apr 2020):


Yeah that 25% bite out of the apple. :pensive: Looking forward to being break event on the Pi and Hdd.

Upload                  Ingress         -not paid-                         559.04 GB
Upload Repair           Ingress         -not paid-                         559.66 GB
Download                Egress          20   USD / TB                        2.54 TB         50.85 USD
Download Repair         Egress          10   USD / TB                        1.20 TB         11.97 USD
Download Audit          Egress          10   USD / TB                       19.79 MB          0.00 USD
Disk Average Month      Storage         1.50 USD / TBm      15.52 TBm                        23.28 USD

Thats a good amount in on Node 1, are you passed break even now on the equipment you purchased from being paid or still some locked in Held?

Have you come across any issues with the hard drives you are using? They would seem a sensible choice for cost.

Yes, Node 1 is somewhere between 200-400% ROI at this point with the recent surge in STORJ price and since I haven’t traded any of the tokens I’ve received thus far. Plus still have ~$200 in held amount…I was able to buy the HDDs on sale for ~$200, and then the RPi setup was around ~$80 (board, power supply, case with a fan, etc.)

I’ve discussed the HDDs in another thread on here before, where they’re not specifically designed like other HDDs to be on and in use 24/7, although they have held up well thus far, and essentially as long as they last a year, then I’ll be well over the break even point with respect to investment cost.


My node has also taken off too

My node’s nerdstats:
1TB - Egress
313GB - Repair
4TB (full… again)
Projected payout - $30


My node also managed to break 1TB egress this month. Node has been full all of August.

Egress Total: 1.36 TB (878 GB Download/335 GB Repair)
Ingress Total: 144 GB (72 GB Upload / 73 Repair)
Total Size 3.40 TB


Good luck, hope it continues. :smiley:

Congrats as well, think I may invest in a bigger drive sooner than later.

We all seem to have quite a bit of Egress for repair mine has just hit over the 300GB mark today.

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Node is 9.5months old.


Pour Aout


Wow, very organised!

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Congrats on the egress @dbjson I think the max I ever got in the last two months was about 4GB