2 different errors on US2

2 errors on US2:

At the time of this response, the screenshots aren’t showing for me.

I am seeing them without issues…

So do I.؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜؜

They are there now. I dunno. Momentary blip I suppose.

I have let the team know your findings. Thanks!

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Are you still seeing the errors? It has been suggested at Storj that these errors look like ones we’ve seen when testing the IP-based request rate limiting. If that’s the case, maybe something else is making a lot of satellite requests from your IP?

Currently I am not seeing this errors as I am effectively locked out of my account:

That’s probably connected with this: Limit logins on satellite

The account got unlocked in the meantime. And yes, the other error is still present:


I believe that “Cannot get gateway credentials” is another possible effect of the ip-based rate limiting.

That’s interesting then because I can log into the account again, meaning that the lockout is over.
In that case it should not block my access. :thinking:

The account locking is an entirely separate thing from the rate limiting. Are you still doing experiments with a high request rate?

No, not at all. I just login with my credentials.

Not sure what that’s about, then. I’ll ask around.