2 potential leads?

Pinging @keleffew

I thought these 2 could be a match for Storj:

  1. Offre Cloud Arzen • N°1 du Cloud Sécurisé en France • Sans Engagement • Essai gratuit
    They offer different storage backends, e.g. Sia and Storj via Filebase. However it seems that they are unaware of the price changes and maybe Storj could make them aware of the new pricing and become a more prominent or even direct partner with them.

  2. Sia hosting guidelines ~ pixeldrain
    This website is quite similar to transfer.sh. They are using Sia as backend. Interesting thing is that they show what they are willing to pay for Sia storage. At first the prices look super low, but keep in mind that they have to multiply by 3 for redundancy. So again the thought with the new Storj pricing this might be a match and maybe someone from Storj wants to contact them?