2 TB disc Space Used, and 5.36 TB Transfer in a month, and I get only $10?

are u serious? in the FAQs stands 10$ per tb diskspace and some other at down7upload. but 10$ by those specs? i get angry !

You should calm down because there have been no payments for January yet. If you had 5TB of traffic then you will get quite some money. But payments for January are not finished yet.


my fault , did´n look right in the wllet dates

You should know when payments come out you didnt just start here, Its always the first 2 weeks. And its not 10 dollars per TB diskspace Egress you get 20 dollars per TB and 1.5$ TB per hard drive space and repair you get 10 dollars per TB.

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You should also keep in mind that depending on the age of your node, a certain amount of your earnings will be held back in escrow, as much as 75% if your node is less than 3 months old. The details regarding the held back amount can be found at the link below.