2 VPN client on one server

Hello, after several attempts I have managed to connect a node through a VPN (my ISP is blocking some things), the node works without problems, and I would like to connect another node that I have going through the same remote server (vpn server) but I don’t know what configuration I should do on the remote server, I don’t have much experience with VPN

I do not understand what do you want to achieve. You said: “connect a node through a VPN”: connect a node to what? Who is at the other end of the VPN and what is the need for a VPN with Storj.

If you just need to access your dashboards from Internet, you don’t need a VPN client on each node, it’s all about setting the right routing rules on your VPN server.

Hi Pietro, the problem I have is that my ISP has blocked me from opening ports to the internet, so I must use a VPN to have my node working, I connect my node through a VPN that connects to a remote server that yes can open ports to internet, my idea is to use a single VPN server and connect my nodes to that

A VPN server can be used by multiple clients, I think you just have to use another port on the remote server, but without further details is difficult to help.

How do you route requests through the remote server?

Anyway, if your ISP doesn’t allow you to open ports on Internet, you should better change ISP.