2 week ans storage used is 6.3

Hello it’s been a week since my status is connected but the use of space and the same 6.3 it does not increase. I’m on docker beta.
ff118c031c8a storjlabs / storagenode: beta “/ entrypoint” 2 weeks ago Up 13 days>14002/tcp,>28967/tcp

Is the node online? Have you checked all ports to make sure its open?

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This is not like a mining, space and bandwidth are used by real people, not machines, we can’t expect the constant usage of space and bandwidth from them.
Your node is still new, all new nodes should be vetted. The vetting node can receive only 5% of potential traffic until got vetted. To be vetted on the one satellite, the node should successfully pass 100 audits from it. Usually it should take at least a month.
To see you score you can use these scripts:

thank you for your answer can you check the script please isn’t work for me

You need to click the link to the topic and follow instructions there. Seems you just copied the summary of the topic.

yes the host is online
the result of command is
“totalCount”: 29,
“successCount”: 19,
“alpha”: 9.122783068153257,
“beta”: 6.5844416529879854,
“score”: 0.5808017157782424
“totalCount”: 7,
“successCount”: 4,
“alpha”: 3.967085124218749,
“beta”: 2.7645062499999997,
“score”: 0.5893235200538534
“totalCount”: 16,
“successCount”: 10,
“alpha”: 6.418845467491449,
“beta”: 5.218747828124999,
“score”: 0.5515612467664811
“totalCount”: 11,
“successCount”: 7,
“alpha”: 5.482923246747259,
“beta”: 3.709875,
“score”: 0.5964368084209085

Unfortunately, you lost customers data and your node has been disqualified.
You should remove this node, create a new identity, sign it with an authorization token and do not lost customers data on that time.
Try to figure out, how is it happened to do not repeat the same mistake again.

Have you statically mount your storage via /etc/fstab?

yes my server is reboot and you know

What happened with the drive with data?
Just reboot usually do not wipe all data.

Looks like you either lost all data or hard drive didnt get mounted correctly and was putting data in a location where no customer data was.