20 Dai reward for setup of gitcoin page for Windows Network Drive Sync

I also promise to donate 100 dai to the gitcoin grant page once it is setup.


–GUI only, no command line setup of sync of a network drive and a storj bucket

–Once setup, operation is indistinguishable from a normal network drive, including ability to rename files, and move between folders without re-uploading. (I suggest a file like a master boot record that contains up to date file names and folder structure, that is deleted and reuploaded instead of the full file)

Storj is choosing to focus on enterprise and is not willing at the current time to provide tools to make storj usable by the general pubic. I am donating because I want to help the growth of the platform, and for my own use.

A link to gitcoin’s web page should probably be included…


It’s great to see a github developer ERC-20 token being worked on… I love it! — :smile: — I’m not sure what there is to vote on here, though.

In the meantime, if individual developers signup for Brave Creators, they can accept donations in BAT tokens.

Thanks for the interest and the post. We definitely. want to see more mainstream adoption of the platform. Our main focus is on delivering a distributed and decentralized alternative to Amazon S3 and services offered by other hyper scalers. Our target audience is the developers and power users of services like AWS S3 who can build more consumer-oriented tools like a utility to map a drive.

We’ve seen a number of prototypes for mac and windows and we’ve gotten a ton of feedback on additional features that make it easier to build consumer facing tools that deliver an excellent user experience. Our product roadmap over the next two quarters includes a range of features that would make building drive mapping utilities, mobile apps and web apps much easier.

We’re also refining the tools that provide excellent privacy, security and access management controls to be more developer-friendly so that apps can take advantage more easily of those features for things like secure file sharing.

I would expect to see apps like you’re describing in the very near future, starting early next year.