(2023-07-07) Estimated earning reduction after payout update

Well, we all know about the https://forum.storj.io/t/update-proposal-for-storage-node-operators-open-for-comments/22339/179

I want to make this topic for people to post their estimated reduction in this month payout.

Me first. I have a 3.5TB node which gave me $6.4 last mo and I see an estimated payout of $4.2 this month, so 34% lower. For a few smaller nodes I expect a drop from 30-40%. It’s breakeven if my hardware doesn’t die prematurely. Lol.

How is your?

You can’t really compare it like that though. My biggest node got $41.82 last month and hasn’t reported back the new rates yet. But already predicts only $37.11 this month.

Also, last month actually included full payouts for test satellites due to a rollback in settings. So we got paid more than we should have.

I already calculated that for that node the impact would be around 10%. But that’s on top of the 10% lower prediction above, which is just due to fluctuations in customer behavior at the beginning of this month.