28TB RAID6 storage node on raspberry pi cluster

Hello SNOs,

I have a NAS appliance with 28TB RAID6 NL-SATA, i have also multiple raspberry pi members of a cluster runing storjnode. I would like to offer this capacity to storj network. What’s the best software design to use according to storj ? multiple containers or one big only ? but with only one public address in one region is that kind of build still viable technically ?

Thank you very much to the community.

Raid 6 is good for you, as you won’t loose the withheld amount in case of a single drive failure. 28TB with the current ingress of 10-20GB/day might take a few years to fill, you should start small and plug-in more drive as your node fill up saving on electricity and on your drive wear and tear. Apparently Storj does’nt want huge nodes in a single location no matter how secure it is.

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Also it’s important to note - the storagenode is incompatible with NFS and SMB. The only supported protocol is iSCSI. But even then your node will lose race more often than any node with a local attached drive.

Since you have a RAID already you can run only one storagenode (because RAID is connected as a one disk). The rule is simple - one disk (volume) - one node.
Running more than a one node on the same disk is against ToS and will slow down all your nodes, moreover if those nodes are running in the same /24 subnet of public IPs - they will not receive more traffic than only one node. So it’s pointless running multiple nodes on the same disk.

10GO to 20GO by day is the best day.
My node build in December have 250 go
With the current traffic you will never fill your 28GB. Start smaller and if the traffic goes up you will always be able to add more space.


He already has those 28TB, it does not matter if he allocates 1TB or 20TB now. The drives are already spinning.