2nd Month with Storj: 500MB egress

Hey Everyone,

I need some help troubleshooting my node. So this is my second month running my storj node and my egress traffic is very very slow: only 500MB. Last month, my egress was 150GB and 400GB ingress. This month, it is only 500MB egress and ingress is 264GB. Why is my egress so slow? Also, something that is interesting is that last month, 95% of my egress came from the saltlake satellite, but this month I only got 51.4KB. My ISP is Verizon Wireless, speeds: 300/300, disk space: 1.7TB, and reputation is all above 99.3% with the exception of 1 which is at 99.2%. The saltlake one is at 99.8% uptime. Can anyone please help me out?

Don’t worry… my node is almost filled and I’m not adding any extra storage space. So, you may get some of the data my node was scooping up.

Thanks for replying, but isn’t it odd for me to just get 500MB egress? I’ve been with storj for a full month now.

Most of us are getting almost 0 egress for the last days. I don’t think there is an issue with your node.

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Oh really, I thought it was just me.

Also what happens once my disk gets filled? Do I just get egress traffic then and not ingress? How does it work?

When your node is full you dont get any more uploads to your node only downloads from your node.

And that it👍🏻.

Not easy to guess whats happening on the network, keep in mind that storj basically just launched.
so whatever people are going to put onto the network is going to start flowing in now…

so the next few weeks will most likely be a lot of ingress for us SNO’s and then after comes all the testing and then a few months after comes all the real moving in of data.

so yeah long storjy short… 3 to 6 months from now is when we will start to get a real idea about how the network traffic will look…

Saw this video on it tho… which gives you some idea of the current prospected use cases.
but who knows how it looks in 3 months, we might all be basically hosting netflix. xD

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I see, so it probably isn’t a problem with my node right?

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no hint of real issues that you should worry about.