2nd Node (different NAS) on the same location. Advisable or not?

I have read a lot of information about running multiple nodes on the same or different locations.

I don’t know if the time changed this information without the documentation is updated.

  • Is it still correct that I only get the same amount of data/traffic then I run 1 node, because there is an ip restriction?

Current situation:
NAS with Storj Docker image running.

New situation:
2x NAS with Storj Docker image running.
Both configured as it’s own authorization etc.


I am running that configuration for past year or so. With 2nd one running since that time. I can’t club the storage together, but this way I can share some unused space on both devices.

There is an IP range consideration when data is distributed, yes. But if your one node is full or close to full, a second node will help pick up the data that the first node is passing on. So far as I understand it, anyway.