2nd storj node using different version from original

I have a 4TB storj node that’s been running for a little over a year now. It’s getting closed to filled up, so I’ve added a second 8TB node.

The weird thing is, they’re running on different versions. The original is using v1.54.2 and the new node is using v1.55.1.

I tried the manual update on the v1.54.2 node and even went through the trouble of deleting all of the docker images and re-pulling the image.

I was hoping someone might have some insight into this.


This is normal. The newer docker images download the binaries themselves and during rollout of a new version, it looks whether each node has had its turn already. So until rollout is done you may see some nodes on the old version and some on the new.

This rollout is to prevent possible issues in a new version from taking down the network. Nothing to worry about.