36 hour disconnection in new node

Hello, 1 month ago I installed a node on my PC. During that time on 3 occasions I had 3 disconnections of 12 hours each. Next I will present my statistics.

My question is: Storj will BAN my node for being new and for having exceeded the recommended 5 hours of disconnection?

I believe disqualification for downtime is still currently disabled. The last I heard, when it is enabled, there will be an allowable downtime of up to 288 hrs. But that is likely to decrease in the future. But for now, you should be fine provided you keep the node up. The offline score takes 30 (or possibly 30+7 days) to recover, so expect to see the online scores take a while to recover.


The score looks at the past 30 days, so it will take 30 days to get back to perfect. The 7 days are just a leniency period to fix any issues when suspension first kicks in.

However if a node isn’t at least 30 days old the scores will show how you’re doing, but I believe there are no consequences yet. Make sure you recover before you hit 30 days and you won’t get suspended. If you do get suspended, it’s only until your scores recover. Permanent disqualification isn’t yet live.


…unless your node is offline for more than 30 days in a row I believe, in which case it will get disqualified. And that is live yet :slight_smile:


Ah, you’re right. Forgot about that recent addition. But if you manage that then you’re clearly not even trying. :wink: