403 error when open storj offical website

Why told me that messenge ? when open “storj.io” site Error: Forbidden

Your client does not have permission to get URL / from this server.

so u mean my object storage servers has been banned and your websites was closed now ??

@littleskunk @Alexey

I can open it without any issues. Could you elaborate, where you got a 403 error?
Do you use any proxy or do you have filtering enabled on ISP’s side?

On any platform including PC and Android phone,Any kind of Chrome Browser,other Edge Browser,what should I do!

Exactly we Chinese users can’t open your official websites so We have to set up some vpn proxy to browse Google also storj,A few months ago, I was able to access it normally, but now there have been such prompts and 403 errors

Im not sure what your expecting storj to do about Chinese blocking USA companys… Do what you’ve always had to do use a vpn to access usa companys isnt that what you’ve had to do anyways?


I already used vpn proxy I can open Google but your storj webs6 still get 403 error…

Finally I got this :after using American server nodes I access your sites successfully, but Taiwan hland Hong Kong nodes failed anyway. disappointed…

Commonly if you want to access an USA website it would be highly recommended to connect to a VPN that is hosted in USA not international VPN its the samething if your still connecting from a Chinese vpn isnt it? I guess its not just common sense.

I wouldn’t expect Storj’s website to be blocked out of a Taiwan VPN. Mainland China, I can understand, although I’m not sure why they would block us either. I don’t know the rules that determines what they allow and don’t allow through their firewall.

Storj is an International company, so the website should be available where permitted by local law.

I can think of a few reasons why…

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Yes, I’m sure they must positively love decentralised, fully encrypted data… :wink: