5 days as a brand new SNO... And not much movement... Halp!

Hello there! Im a new SNO and I guess I have the usual question, but I have read some of the forum and can’t find a proper answer…

I successfully installed everything, despite I’m a tool on coding, but the copy paste step by step tutorial worked!

So, after 5 days, 24/7 running except for a 10 minute shutdown I used to put my shiny new RAM, and just 21 Gb used from 1 Tb allocated :frowning: Is this normal ? All servers at 100% levels, etc etc. 300 Mbps connection, unlimited data, and the 1Tb is allocated on a Toshiba X300 4Tb with about 1.8 Tb free on it.
I read also that you probably will get similar “workload” if instead I allocate 1 Tb I allocate 4 Tb, and that its better to open a new server in other Ip… But if after 5 days I got 1 cent… Not sure if Im doing something wrong… Help is appreciated, thanks!

Since you are new, your node is in vetting phase. It takes ~ 1 month to get 100 audits from each satellite to be fully vetted. During vetting you get 5% of the traffic so everything might seem slow. The only thing you can do is make sure you are online 24/7 and do not fail audits.

Also do check if you are not using a SMR drive.

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My “new” SN: 19 days - 58.21GB ingress

Thanks that was quick! AFAIK, my Toshiba X300 doesn’t use SMR technology; P300 models does.
So let’s wait a month! I can meanwhile dare to create a new node on my other location premises, I think I have a 3tb disk half used in there… Thanks!

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Wow, so I’m even doing “good”… If we extrapolate that to, lets say, 100 Gb in a month, and it’s just a 5% of the standard… Maybe the sweet spot for sharing is about 2 Tb per node? Just thinking out loud

The 5% is not the amount of data your unvetted node gets but all unvetted nodes on a satellite get 5% of all data.