~5% success rate


I setup a storage node yesterday (has been 24 hours now) and seeing very low success rates. I’ve read the success is based on a range of things from uptime > latency / hardware etc. What is the average / expected / normal success rate for a new node?

I have a 4 core CPU, 8GB RAM, 16TB storage (local disks, RAID5) on a 500Mbps down and 100Mbps up connection based in the UK. However these are the stats so far:

========== AUDIT =============
Critically failed: 0
Critical Fail Rate: 0.00%
Recoverable failed: 0
Recoverable Fail Rate: 0.00%
Successful: 1
Success Rate: 100.00%
========== DOWNLOAD ==========
Failed: 0
Fail Rate: 0.00%
Canceled: 0
Cancel Rate: 0.00%
Successful: 37
Success Rate: 100.00%
========== UPLOAD ============
Rejected: 0
Acceptance Rate: 100.00%
---------- accepted ----------
Failed: 0
Fail Rate: 0.00%
Canceled: 274
Cancel Rate: 94.81%
Successful: 15
Success Rate: 5.19%
========== REPAIR DOWNLOAD ===
Failed: 0
Fail Rate: 0.00%
Canceled: 0
Cancel Rate: 0.00%
Successful: 0
Success Rate: 0.00%
========== REPAIR UPLOAD =====
Failed: 0
Fail Rate: 0.00%
Canceled: 126
Cancel Rate: 92.65%
Successful: 10
Success Rate: 7.35%

Ma be related to this

Hey Stuu,

We have very different hardware so it’s hard to compare your situation with mine, other than issue 3879 on Github. I do see the comment in your thread:

I as these two questions as your successrate output looks very similar to my second node that was started up ~20 days ago. Still being vetted on all satellites except Salklake, and has had very little traffic coming to it, with ~98% download success and ~4-5% upload success…

I’ve seen some chatter about being vetted, what is this process and when/how does it happen? Is it just a waiting game to get a better ‘chance’ if hardware isn’t the issue?

Edit; I’ve read satellites need to do 100 audits to be vetted.

I got a good quest… you set up the node recently and then had trouble getting it to work early on… so it took a while… then you went and checked your successrates and they looked terrible because you had all the logs from when the node wasn’t able to connect…

am i close?

i would bet it will improve greatly… tho keep in mind a node can be quite demanding, but with a raid 5 you should see something like 60-75% successrates

Normal. The node must first fill with enough data.

don’t think that affects his successrates… pretty sure mine was at 75% mark from the point i got around to checking my logs… but maybe…

I also saw this with my last new node and was just scared. After a few days the success rate increased.

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thats nice to know… maybe i was just to slow to get to the successrate script running…

I can’t say whether that’s really the case. I have not been with Storj long enough for this, I am only currently observing this with my node. In the first week I had a success rate of 6% then it went up to 13% and now I’m at 33%

right now is also a terrible time for upload successrates these last few days have been with minimal network activity so all the nodes are sitting around and thus the fast nodes will take up more of the existing network activity.
hopefully it will pick up again soon, the engineers are working hard to reconfigure the network so that it will run better across all nodes…
one recent thing that will be interesting to see, is that we will be able to move the database to a secondary location… thus we will be able to keep that on an SSD or similar device, which they hope will improve node performance across the board.

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