504 Gateway Time-out

I have a completely standard node installed in the docker on ubuntu linux. Today I can’t to open web-gui with error:
504 Gateway Time-out
The server didn’t respond in time.
Restarting does not help. Logs do not contain anything interesting. Looks so that the node works perfectly normal

Welcome to the forum @IlyaT!

Which URL and browser are you using to access web dashboard ?

I tried firefox and chromium.

I tried IP and everything worked. It’s something wrong with my local DNS.

Are you using DDNS:port to open your web dashboard ?

Yes, but I made a local entry in my /etc/hosts for another task and forgot about it. The problem has been solved. Thank you .


It’s better to do not expose your personal information such as wallet, email and usage to the public network without any protection.
Please close remote access to it and use a secure method instead: https://documentation.storj.io/resources/faq/how-to-remote-access-the-web-dashboard

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