64-bit file system for drives and largefiles

Hello together,

currently I am formatting the drives with ext4 and no reserved space, therefore -m 0.

But there would also be an option to activate 64-bit file system:

  1. Would it be a good idea to turn on 64-bit?

  2. There is also an option to increase the available space on the disk by formatting as largefile4, but this shouldn’t be an option for STORJ or? Because STORJ should be having lower file sizes.

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I’m personally running nodes on ext4 with the 64bit option set, as most of changes it makes to data structures should not have measurable impact. However, as I’m also running with inode size set to minimum possible (128 bytes), there’s no space for 64-bit checksums specifically for inodes. I believe that the reliability expected from storage nodes can be achieved without 64-bit checksums.

I’ve done some experiments on tuning the number of inodes (and some other parameters) here: On tuning ext4 for storage nodes I hope you will find these notes useful. largefile4 is too large for Storj.

Do not do this as you get a limited number of inodes and your node will die before 2TB is filled

But what about the 64-bit file system? Is it recommended to be anabled?