730GB of trash?

Hi, on my second node i have 2 TB allocated for storj and 730GB are marked as trash, i thought it was a big chunk that got deleted, then i waited some days but nothing got cleaned.
Now i’m wondering if there is a way to manually clean this folder or what else, it’s almost half of my space! What should i do?

Trash gets deleted after 7 days. Keeping in line with ‘dont delete files manually unless instructed’, you should wait for those 7 days.

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cleaning after 7 days

I do recommend spending some effort trying to find out why you have so much trash to begin with. Has your node been offline for extensive times? Do you have a lot of errors in the logs? A lot of canceled uploads? IO bottlenecks? etc

The node stays offline during night (about 10 hrs a day), i don’t know how to check any errors in the log, uploads are good and i don’t have any IO bottleneck
Thanks for the help

Nodes are meant to be online 24/7 with minimal down time. While currently disqualification for downtime is paused, that will come back and your node will quickly be disqualified if you keep turning it off for 10 hours a day. This completely explains the large amounts of trash though. While your node is offline it misses deletes and a lot of data will be repaired to other nodes. Both of those will result in garbage being left behind on your node.

Please keep your node online 24/7. You’ll make a lot more money and you will prevent being disqualified when the downtime tracking system gets put in place again.