90%from EU-north

I’m new. I setup my node about 3 weeks ago. I forgot to set up no-ip…and my node lost connection.
I have 3 questions:

  1. Currently I have 90% for Europe-north. So I will not have a good result at the end of the month.
    Will it be better to re-register my node and start from scratch?
  2. Is it possible to schedule maintenance…to inform satellites about a disconnection?
  3. Where can I check my reputation?

This is how it looks like:

  1. No, your online stat will recover if you keep your node online.
  2. No.
  3. I am not aware that this is possible.
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Don’t restart, that node looks fine just keep in online.

Afraid not :frowning: although I would suggest planning maintenance for outside busy periods if possible if you want to maximise your statistics.

You’ve posted your reputation, currently online, audit and suspension are the only main bits a satellite uses to pick your node - the other small factors are not in our control, and are managed by satalite.

Stay online is the key, respond to GET requests in a timely manner, and don’t loose data - it’s about all we can do currently.

That said, your stats look reeally good, so unless your online is sub 90% and Audit is sub 90% don’t worry.


you most likely don’t have much data to europe-north and then the online score becomes more unstable… doesn’t mean anything it will recover.
and happen less as your node gains size.