A Custom Name Service for STORJ

Hey everyone, builder here.

I was at ETHDenver and bumped into Jacob from the core team. Love the ecosystem so I have to ask this.

How would everyone feel about a dedicated name service for the community?

The suffix would be either .stj or .storj. We could build it to resolve back to your wallet address and use it as an identifying marker in the community. The most important aspect of it all is that these names can be ‘a pay once, own forever’ concept. Community involvement and loyalty shouldn’t be subject to some subscription fee.

I would love to hear everyone’s feedback about the idea and how we could possibly make it better.

Feedback welcomed!

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Like the idea. What is the timeline? Will there be a community launch? And then have it open to the marketplace? What currency can we use to buy a domain? Finally, if there are no annual fees, how will such a technology fund maintenance?

1/ Timeline would be around 60 days from an agreed upon target.

2/ Ideally, you would want the community to have their own private sale, and then if the public would want to buy the names afterwards, then yes.

3/ A marketplace would be built for users to buy/sell names with a 2% commission to fund the project.

4/Ether to buy names

5/Via sale of names and commissions from marketplace

Is this for a handshake extension? Or what DNS service are you proposing?

Like an ENS but dedicated for STORJ. And its permanent ownership. Other features could be added but want community feedback.

So this means we could buy domains with .stj or .storj suffix?

I am wondering if this could be interesting for customers to buy when they intend to use their own domains for linksharing or websites served from Storj DCS. Also running self hosted gatewy from a dedicates .stj or .storj domain might be interesting.

Maybe Storj can make some additional money from that?

I don’t think this is for domains. Well not in the context of a web browser. I could map littleskunk.storj to my storage node wallet address. I don’t see a reason to do so but it would be possible.

that is a good point to raise. Do you see any other utility behind a name service?