A few words about useless support (spoiler: the simplest problem was not solved in 6 days!)

Request 5692
Without disclosing correspondence, just the facts.
Support works only in a script and is very primitive. I immediately said that their software does not allow you to delete files at the required speed (I had more than 5 million files, the standard way to delete would take 1666 hours or 70 days!) And requested an increase in parallel requests. I was asked to show the presence of errors in the standard method of removal (lol, slow speed and there is a problem). I attached them my scripts and they are silent!
What is wrong with you?
How can one be so irresponsible?
Is this called an enterprise solution?

Why did I write this? Because damn it, even with terrible limits on the number of requests in manual mode, I deleted 5 million files faster than the support service! What are the prospects for such a project? I believed in a gatekeeper, but it seems I was wrong.


I’m sorry you experienced slowness in the support experience. Many issues that we come across are new and take some level of discussion on how to handle them. We don’t have processes in place for every unique request. But I do think you should have been responded to quicker with your request. We’ll continue to revise our process and work to improve our support times.

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There was no need to think about the request. Everything was very clearly formulated and all that was required to be done was to do the client’s request.

Perhaps some transparency as to what goes into the evaluation of increased rate limit requests and what new limits it could be raised to would help. The current support articles simply say each request will be evaluated, but it doesn’t say which type of use cases are considered reasonable for raising the limits and which aren’t. Even just some examples could help.