Hello everybody. I have had a lot or almost only GET_REPAIR and PUT_REPAIR traffic for exactly 3 days now. To be precise since the upgrade to 1.4.2. After the upgrade I switched off my nodes because I thought something had gone wrong :open_mouth: but then I saw that this is the case on all my nodes.

What I also notice is the word “piecedeleter” and that I get a lot of GET_AUDIT.

I found 2 topics here, but find the permanent repair traffic a bit strange and still prefer to ask before I experience a nasty surprise. Audit score is 1000 everywhere.

Or is Storj testing again?

Here is the log of the last 3 hours.

Why do you find it strange? It’s a type of traffic (upload/download/repair) As long as you are not failing audits you are fine.

That is normal.

I think he is considering as strange that there is so much repair traffic. And also not much regular traffic.
Maybe I am wrong but repair traffic means rebuilding of missing pieces, right? If there is so much piece rebuilding activity, then the question is, why are there so many pieces getting lost?

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I usually only had very little repair traffic.
And I’ve never seen piecedeleter before so I was unsettled.

I don’t think there has been an increase in repair and audit traffic at all. It just used to be drowned out by other test traffic. With the test uploads gone for now they stand out more. Why there is so much of it could have many reasons. I think Storj raised the repair threshold quite a bit from initial settings over the past. They probably just want to test this thoroughly and lower it only very carefully. While node churn is apparently quite low, there still needs to be a lot of repair when enough nodes leave. Suspension could also have quite a bit to do with it. Node suspension may be happening more right now due to the database locks. Suspended nodes have their pieces marked as unsafe, which could lead to repair.

Either way, repair logs on your node simply indicate your node is helping out with repair because other nodes went offline/suspended/disqualified. You either make money from the download or get more data stored from the uploads. So it’s actually good for you either way.

piecedeleter showed up since the delete queue was implemented. I think this log line used to just be a piecestore line, but was now moved as it’s a separate process. So just the new way it works, nothing to worry about.


Seeing a bit of a bump but nothing too crazy.

My guess is that the people who are unsatisfied with the payouts are dropping off and the network is backfilling their pieces.

It is my impression that there is way more repair traffic recently. This would correspond with the increasing SNOs dropping out (node suspension, disqualified, unsatisfied).

Impressions aren’t very useful…


May (so far, until the 27th):

It is my DATA that there isn’t any more repair traffic. And this is despite my node holding more data this month than it did last month.

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My node is at almost 3.5x upload repair in May than in April. Download repair is around same level.