A message and 3 questions for Storj Team

There was unsent order issue last year and now there is gas price issue. Keep up the good job, I will also keep my node running 24/7 non-stop!

So now I suppose to wait 1 month (30 days) to get my payment for December right? check screenshot!

If I get frustrated (angry) and I shut down my node, will I get my payout next month?

Where exactly did the postponed payout went? Can Storj Team make the pending payout appear on the dashboard?

there was no message, that Payout completed, soit is posible that it just not made jet. in my understand threadshold was 5$ not 25%

This is going to need clarification from the StorjLabs team because not everyone understood that.
What I understood is that you get the december payout if you earned enough so that ETH-fees are less than 25% of the payment amount when it gets calculated.

So when it was 10$ fees (on Jan 8th), the minimum payment amount would have been 40$, from my understanding.

@jocelyn already addressed that in the dedicated thread there:

That’s what the thread above explained, yes. Unless fees are too high in February too. We do not know yet if things are going to evolve on StorjLabs side though, as this situation is pretty new.

They might need to give us some more details on that, that’s a good point.


You mean if you kill your node you won’t get the unpaid amount that has been rolled over?
They can’t do that.

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You’re right @jammerdan, I crossed my wires on this.
Fixed my post.

Yeah you always get paid what you already earned. Even if you kill your node or it gets disqualified, you still get the payment until the disqualification (unless I’m informed wrongly, never had a node DQ), you only lose the held back amount but the postponed payment is not the same as the held back amount.

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