A select pool of BETA SNOs to test new features

This will be a pool of 20 or 40 SNOs that are willing to beta test new features before they are released for everyone. Considering the recent backlash of SNOs regarding release of features that are not completely developed, this would greatly help.

This BETA group would have a special restricted forum section where they report issues that devs can directly see and fix. This section would be strictly for Storj and BETA testers. Other SNOs can’t post or view any content.

The number of BETAs could be such that it includes all platforms from Linux/Windows docker/GUI. So everything is duly reviewed and then shipped out.

Definitely think this is a good idea and perhaps overdue!

Count me in
(Dear Maria count me in… 20 characters)

You can chalk me up on this list :slight_smile:

I’m interested as well. I can target a couple of my nodes to function as true beta testing. Sign me up!

I would be interested in joining.

Same here, would depend on what is required of course as well.

By the way, you can see who voted and take them as contributors :slight_smile:


ah , and in case anyone is wondering, yes! i also have kept a list of our Production Enthusiasts :wink: for such endeavors too :slight_smile:

Hello, I am ready to become a tester, add me to the list

I would be happy to help too

I see somebody liked my suggestion about doing beta testing on features like the dashboard…

i might be interested in participating, depending on what kind of gig this is exactly going to be… pretty good at breaking stuff and putting them back together.

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