A Storj/zkSync/Metamask Question

Hi, I am French (nobody’s perfect) and hope you will excuse my bad english
I started my node at the end of january, with 4TB on a Synology DS1515+.

I am a total newbee on crypto and need your help for that reason.
For the moment i earned 0.15 Storj (wow), as seen on zkscan.io.
I wanted to post this amount on Metamask but I didn’t succeed…

I first added STORJ in Metamask/Etherum mainnet, and no amount was displayed, as in Etherscan, but it’s probably normal because I opted-in for zkSink which is on a L2 network.

I tried to add zkSync network in Metamask, following that procédure:

… still no visible amount with “you have no transaction” message.

Then i tried after selecting “zsync alpha testnet” to “import custom tokens”
And i am stuck there as i dont know what to add in these fields:
“Token Contract Address”, “Token Symbol” and “Token Decimal”
after many unsuccessfull tries:

Please, can you help ?
What is the right method to display zkSync Storjs in Metamask ?
Thank you.

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Hello @Jaco ,
Welcome to the forum!

If you have used address from Metamask in the node’s configuration, then when you connect to https://wallet.zksync.io/ on mainnet and select the same address as in node’s configuration, you should see your STORJ balance.

So, two main points:

  • Select the Ethereum mainnet in Metamask
  • Select the correct address (“Account”) in Metamask

Then connect to https://wallet.zksync.io/

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Thank you very much Alexey for your reply.

  • wallet.zksync.io, can connect with the right node-id to metamask and display the right amount in Storj and $. I have no problem with that.
  • But in Metamask, the amount is still at zero, as seen in that screen copy, showing the difference.

    And as said previously, adding L2 zkSync alpha testnet network dont enhance the picture.
    What am i missing ?

Hi @Jaco
This all looks correct. MetaMask currently cannot show a L2 balance within it’s own interface. You use MetaMask as the login authenticator for the wallet.zksync.io ledger.

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OK, thank you Stob.
Lets hope Metamask will evolve and the developers will allow direct display of L2 earnings in future releases.