A test satellite (looking for nodes esp in Australia but any nodes are good nodes (community) )

The url and info can be found here

This satellite will support data stored in aus and worldwide DCS video storage

Thanks for the move @nerdatwork

You have a tendency to double post. Please don’t, it just makes the forum messy.

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I thought as this post is aimed towards Australian customers / SNO’s that this would be ok i am just making sure as many people as possible (especially those who may be in aus) see this project so they can join and support if they like

You should perhaps move the original topic to the node operators board if you want the attention of node operators. You can add info there as well. No need to double post.

I will try thanks but the post has node operator tag and was moved to developer discussion

I can merge both threads. However, the Satellite Operator’s topics are not belongs to the Node Operators category. So I do not know what’s best.
So perhaps will leave it as is.

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Thank you @Alexey i think @nerdatwork
Moved it to node operators but thank you both

I’ll happily defer to your best judgement :slightly_smiling_face:

I do see his point it up to them either way because as Alexey said it’s satellite related but i guess it will get more appropriate viewers in node operator tbh either way i agree with both points